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Ground Cover Flowering

Ground cover plants with flowers for extra seasons of interest - very effective when planted en masse, and ideal for hanging baskets and windowboxes too.

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  1. Acalypha reptans Stephie

    Acalypha reptans Stephie

    Create a bright hardy outdoor carpet of flowers with this delightful groundcover. Fluffy tail-like crimson flowers. Grow in tough spots and rockeries, or cosset it in windowboxes and hanging baskets. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  2. Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'

    Agapanthus Peter Pan

    A petite version of our most popular bordering plant for formal and cottage style gardens. Perfect for small gardens and containers. Learn More
  3. Agapanthus Snowball

    Agapanthus Snowball

    Small, compact, long flowering, huge ball of white flowers on a dainty lowgrowing plant. Only 60cm tall when flowering, Snowball agapanthus makes excellent ground cover or mass planting. Flowers better in sun but will grow in shade too. Sets very little seed so won't spread. Learn More
  4. Bauhinia corymbosa - orchid vine

    Bauhinia corymbosa - orchid vine

    Sun loving groundcover/ climber/ hedge. Looks delicate, grows tough. Hardy enough for planting on median strips and city spaces; pretty enough for any cottage garden.

    Image: Eran Finkle via Flickr, cropped to size.


    Learn More
  5. Chrysocephalum - yellow buttons

    Chrysocephalum - yellow buttons

    Silvery-green native ground cover with bright yellow flowers, adaptable to all kinds of garden situations and climates. Plant in a sunny spot for compact growth and lots of flowers. Tolerates frost.

    Flower image: Melburnian GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size.

    Learn More

    Coming Soon

  6. Cuphea hyssopifolia Aurea

    Cuphea hyssopifolia Aurea

    Golden-lime groundcover dotted with small mauve-purple flowers, ideal used as a low growing contrasting border or mass planting. Great for containers and baskets. Plant with white and mauve cuphea for a vibrant low maintenance groundcover. Learn More
  7. Cuphea hyssopifolia Mauve

    Cuphea hyssopifolia Mauve

    Warm purple form of our popular hardy white cuphea. Tiny flowers throughout the year on this charming groundcover plant. Ideal for rockeries, ground cover, pots and baskets. Mix up with our other cupheas for a more interesting mass planting Learn More
  8. Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Cuphea hyssopifolia White

    Charming low growing compact plant, great for rockeries, baskets, and groundcover. Loves the sun. Bright lime foliage covered in white flowers for most of the year. Also available with purple flowers, pink flowers, and in a gold-leaf form. Why not try all of them?
    Fourth image shows difference between hyssopifolia white (bottom) and Mexican white (top) Learn More
  9. Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Jocelyn’s Pink’

    Cuphea hyssopifolia ‘Jocelyn’s Pink’

    Pretty pink flowering cuphea, compact and low-growing, perfect for borders, baskets and containers. Plant in the foreground of your garden to enjoy the year round flowering. Learn More
  10. Cuphea Mexican White

    Cuphea Mexican White

    Tough yet dainty low-growing sunlover, great for mass planting groundcover. Small dark foliage covered in white flowers for most of the year. Clip to keep neat if required.
    Third image shows hyssopifolia white (bottom) and Mexican white (top) Learn More
  11. Dianella 'Emerald Fountain'

    Dianella 'Emerald Fountain'

    Native bordering and groundcover plant suited to almost any location or climate, especially shade. Super versatile, tolerates heat, drought, frost, wet and humid conditions. Plus pretty purple flowers in season! Learn More
  12. Eremophila Roseworthy - emu bush

    Eremophila Roseworthy - emu bush

    Tough lowgrowing native groundcover, loves the dry air and sun of inland gardens, happy in and well-drained soils; Flowers in spring through to autumn which native birds love. Frost and drought tolerant once established. Here's a useful article on growing eremophilas from the Australian Native Plant Society Learn More

    Coming Soon

  13. Erigeron - seaside daisy

    Erigeron - seaside daisy

    Robust yet dainty groundcover loves to grow, flower, and thrive almost anywhere. Delicate white daisy flowers and soft ferny foliage. Plant between rocks and into paved areas, where it will self-seed and spread happily. Learn More
  14. Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Evolvulus 'Sapphire Blue'

    Lovely ground cover plant spreads to 1m wide and only 30cm tall. Smothered in brilliant blue summer flowers. Silvery-green foliage benefits from an annual clip to kep it fresh. Lovely in containers and baskets, where it can cascade over the sides. Learn More
  15. Evolvulus 'White'

    Evolvulus 'White'

    Very pretty silvery-green ground cover covered in white morning-glory flowers summer to autumn. Gorgeous as a loose unclipped border hedge to 20cm in cottage gardens or informal areas. Fast growing neat foliage will spread to 1.5m. Learn More
  16. Gardenia 'Grandiflora Star'

    Gardenia 'Grandiflora Star'

    So much fragrance, flower and beauty in a compact 50cm evergreen shrub. Early flowering and strongly scented - makes a stunning low hedge or groundcover in full flower. Perfect for patios and decks, containers and as an indoor plant. Learn More
  17. Gardenia O SO FINE™

    Gardenia O SO FINE™

    Dwarf gardenia with fine slender leaves, makes a beautiful ground cover to only 30cm high. Dense foliage helps block out weeds. Starry white scented double flowers spring to autumn. Drought tolerant. Learn More
  18. Gardenia Radicans

    Gardenia Radicans

    Better cold tolerance than other gardenias - one for the southern coast or hinterlands. Low growing evergreen to 50cm, with rich glossy foliage and strongly fragrant brilliant white flowers. Beautiful in pots, as a low hedge, or as mass planting groundcover. Our most popular Gardenia. Learn More
  19. Gazania Mauve

    Gazania Mauve

    Cheery purple daisy shaped flowers cover this easygoing groundcover when it's planted in a sunny location. Very unfussy as to soil. Usually available July-January.

    We are prohibited to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More

  20. Gazania Pink

    Gazania Pink

    Cheery pink daisy shaped flowers cover this easygoing groundcover when it's planted in a sunny location. Very unfussy as to soil. Usually available July-January.

    We are prohibited to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More

  21. Gazania Talent Mix

    Gazania Talent Mix

    Colourful mix of bright flowers grow above silvery foliage. Clear shades of burnt orange, gold, purple, ivory and occasional stripes. Ideal bordering plant for dry areas of the garden. Usually available July-October.

    Please Note: This product is a mix. We cannot tell from their leaves which colour flower each plant will have, so it's a lucky dip! Order more plants, and you get more chance of getting your favourite.
    We are unable to sell this product to South Australia. Learn More
  22. Grevillea royal mantle

    Grevillea 'Royal Mantle'

    Hardy low-growing native ground-cover, ideal for trailing down rockeries and embankments, and attracting wildlife to your garden. Bright red spidery flowers throughout the year, especially in winter and spring, especially in full sun. New leaves are bronze-red. Very popular. Learn More
  23. Grevillea Alex Pink

    Grevillea Alex Pink

    Large dark pink flowers and bronze ferny new leaves make this a very pretty native groundcover grevillea. Spreads to about 2.5m in good soil and full sun. Learn More
  24. Grevillea Amber Blaze

    Grevillea Amber Blaze

    Beautiful low growing native, spreading to 3m but only 1m high, ideal for cascading down banks or over exposed rocks; or as a mass-planting tall ground cover. Fast growing dense shrub with vibrant orange flowers that grow up to 15cm long in spring and summer. Suitable for reasonably cold temperates to sub tropical climates. Learn More
  25. Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Compact bright groundcover for southern states and semi-arid sites especially. Small cat's claw flowers in red and yellow are loved by native honeyeaters and spinebills. Frost, wind, and drought tolerant once established. Learn More

Items 1 to 25 of 47 total

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