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Dwarf Foliage Hedges

Looking for a low-growing compact hedge with evergreen, green or coloured leaves? These hedges are all about the foliage! (There may be tiny flowers that appear in between clips, but nothing showy, we promise). Will all grow naturally to around 1m or less, and most will clip to the exact height you want.

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  1. Acmena-allyn-magic

    Acmena Allyn Magic

    Dwarf lilly pilly variety, ideal for small gardens, low hedges and mass plantings. Only 50cm around, low maintenance shrub or container plant with lovely dark pink new growth after clipping.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  2. Acmena Forest Flame

    Acmena Forest Flame

    Compact low hedging native suited to topiary, formal and native gardens. New growth emerges in deep red shades maturing green. Grows to 2m but can be kept clipped to under 1m.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  3. Alternanthera dentata

    Alternanthera dentata

    Always popular fast-growing spreading groundcover and landscape plant, much loved for its bold dark burgundy foliage like a fine wine. Stunning when used in contrast with lime-gold foliage plants. Clips to a tidy low hedge, thrives in humidity. Dark cream pompom flowers appear when allowed to grow unclipped.
    The second image shows the leaf size difference between dentata (L) and Little Ruby (R) Learn More
  4. Berberis Little Favourite

    Berberis Little Favourite

    We think this will be a favourite with you - rich leaf colour turning from plum to red in autumn, dense habit, compact size. Completely frost hardy, easygoing as to soil and situation, even in urban sites. Learn More
  5. Buxus Faulkner - Japanese box

    Buxus Faulkner - Japanese box

    Very cold hardy, very popular evergreen dwarf hedging. Dense foliage, wide spreading, ideal for topiary and clipped low hedges, formal gardens and container planting.
    In the third image you can see the leaf difference between the slender harlandii and the rounder Faulkner. Learn More
  6. Buxus harlandii

    Buxus harlandii

    Evergreen hedging plant, slow growing and tolerant of constant pruning. Small leaves and attractive bark. More tolerant of warmer temperatures if grown outside. Yellow/green fragrant flowers in early spring.
    In the third image you can see the difference between the slender harlandii leaf (L) and the round typical box leaf of Faulkner (R)

    By I.Sáček, senior (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  7. Buxus microphylla - Japanese Box

    Buxus microphylla - Japanese Box

    Faster growing, more heat tolerant than other Buxus. Leaves are a good bright green. Very dense growth too, so ideal for neat hedging and topiary if that's your thing.
    The third image shows the leaf difference between Faulkner (L) and microphylla Japanese box (R). Learn More
  8. Buxus microphylla - Korean Box

    Buxus microphylla - Korean Box

    Very low box hedge with smaller rounded leaves. Foliage turns lime green in full sun so an ideal hedge for shady gardens. Will grow to 1m but maybe not in your lifetime. Can grow 30cm in 3 years so if you're planting out a model village in your back garden this is the one to choose... Learn More
  9. Euonymus 'Tom Thumb'

    Euonymus 'Tom Thumb'

    Box hedging plant which establishes quickly, rewarding you with a tidy 60cm high border, perfect for informal evergreen hedging. Lovely neat glossy dark foliage Learn More
  10. Ficus 'Green Island'

    Ficus 'Green Island'

    Drought tolerant, salt-tolerant, low maintenance, slow-growing, compact evergreen grow-anywhere plant. Takes clipping well -great for hedging or groundcover. It's an all-round winner for sub-tropical gardens. Even makes a perfect bonsai

    Bush images: Forest & Kim Starr via Flickr cropped to size,.

    Bonsai image: Hazel Kenady via Flickr cropped to size.

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  11. Murraya Min a Min

    Murraya Min a Min

    One of our most popular plants year-round, for its fragrance, flowers, fine foliage, and ease of care. Naturally low-growing to 1m, so minimum pruning is needed - if any - to keep in looking good. Plant these where you can enjoy the scent! Learn More
  12. Nandina BLUSH™

    Nandina BLUSH™

    Compact shrub to 70cm, very drought, cold and humidity tolerant; with rich burgundy maroon new foliage in spring and autumn, brightening to red all over as the leaves mature. No-prune mini hedge plant or low maintenance shrub in a mixed border. Our most popular Nandina. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  13. Nandina Firepower

    Nandina Firepower

    Turns a brilliant red in winter and then becomes a gentle backdrop for your flowering plants the rest of the year. If you love Blush but wish it was green, Firepower is the nandina for you. Compact, very cold tolerant. No-prune mini hedge plant or low maintenance shrub in a mixed border.

    image: Leonora Enking via Flickr

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  14. Nandina Gulf Stream

    Nandina Gulf Stream

    Tough and hardy, with good cool-weather colour - ideal if you're missing the seasons in your subtropical garden, and frost-tolerant if you're further south. Great in urban locations as it stands up to pollution. Dense foliage is good for hedging. Learn More
  15. Nandina Moonbay

    Nandina Moonbay

    A rainbow of colourful foliage right through the year, from red, apricot, burgundy and lime small leaves. White flowers, red berries enjoyed by native birds. Ideal hardy upright hedge to 1m. Similar to Gulf Stream variety. Learn More
  16. Nandina Obsession™

    Nandina Obsession™

    Brilliant red foliage throughout the year on this compact 70cm shrub. Evergreen, low maintenance, drought tolerant. Mass plant for high ground cover, or as a dwarf no-clip hedge. Learn More
  17. Nandina domestica ‘Nana’ Sacred Bamboo

    Nandina ‘Nana’

    Hardy, tenacious, low maintenance evergreen shrub, with varying scarlet-bronze tones of foliage in cooler months. Only 60cm or so around, ideal for pots and containers, no-clip low borders and edges. Hot dry sites give brighter colour. Hugely popular with our customers. Learn More
  18. Phyllanthus - waterfall plant

    Phyllanthus - waterfall plant

    Compact growing shrub with cascading evergreen ferny foliage, suited to low hedging and borders. Tolerates frost and dry periods once established. Learn More
  19. Syzygium 'Garden Lights' - lilly pilly

    Syzygium 'Garden Lights' - lilly pilly

    Neat growing lilly pilly with a dense, compact growth habit featuring brilliant flushes of red new growth through winter.
    Ideal for low hedging and container planting.

    Psyllid resistant variety.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  20. Syzygium 'Tiny Trev' - lilly pilly

    Syzygium 'Tiny Trev' - lilly pilly

    Only 75cm tall! Clip your low hedges less often; or plant as mass ground cover. Enjoy the shiny leaves of this compact Australian native as they emerge bronze and mature to rich green.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  21. Syzygium Baby Boomer - lilly pilly

    Syzygium Baby Boomer - lilly pilly

    Neat growing lilly pilly, perfect hedge and screening plant, ideal for topiary too. Bursts into flushes of bronze coloured new growth after trimming.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

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  22. Thuja Aurea Nana

    Thuja Aurea Nana

    Little golden gem, perfect for containers, stepover hedging and feature planting as it only gets to 1m. Low maintenance and year round colour. Learn More
  23. Westringia Mundi™

    Westringia Mundi™

    Will clip to only 15cm! Mundi is a dwarf form about knee-high but spreading widthways. Ideal coastal rosemary for an evergreen boundary that still maintains your view. Learn More
  24. Westringia Zena

    Westringia Zena

    Low growing dwarf dense coastal rosemary with grey-green leaves, and small white flowers for most of the year. Compact form ideal for low hedges and ground cover. Good in exposed and coastal areas, hardy in most locations.

    "10 Westringia Zena, as ordered, arrived fine and healthy, at 07.14 a.m. today. I'm about to start planting! Glad you exist up here."

    Christine - Brisbane QLD
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