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Scented Plants

Sweet-smelling plants add extra enjoyment to any kind of garden. If you only have space for a tiny plant, make it a scented plant. The fragrance will travel on the breeze - so plant where you can enjoy the natural perfumes while sipping your morning cuppa or evening drink...
Find the best and most scented, fragrant flowering plants, trees and shrubs, ground covers and climbers.What's your favourite garden scent?

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  1. Abelia-dwarf

    Abelia grandiflora dwarf

    Compact flowering shrub with attractive leaves and flowers, neat and versatile. Dainty pale lilac-white flowers and bronze-red new leaves maturing to glossy green. Imperial Jezebel butterflies love the flower nectar. Learn More
  2. Backhousia citriodora - lemon myrtle

    Backhousia citriodora - lemon myrtle

    Hardy, native, fluffy white flowers, lemon-scented foliage - it's easy to see why this is so popular. Best in subtropical or warm climates with regular rainfall, though these trees will come through a light frost once mature. Traditionally used to make a citrus tea from the leaves.

    We are unable to ship this product to South Australia for bio-security reasons.

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  3. Backhousia myrtifolia - grey myrtle

    Backhousia myrtifolia - grey myrtle

    Lovely native rainforest tree with cream flowers and cinnamon scented leaves. Ideal for feature planting, street trees, privacy hedges, native and wildlife gardens. Grows to only 3 metres so is ideal for smaller gardens.
    We are Prohibited to sell this product to South Australia.

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  4. Banksia Honey Pots

    Banksia Honey Pots

    Dwarf form of the popular native Banksia spinulosa, reaching 1m. Honey-scented golden flowers from autumn to early spring. Attractive groundcover or feature shrub in smaller gardens. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  5. Berberis Little Favourite

    Berberis Little Favourite

    We think this will be a favourite with you - rich leaf colour turning from plum to red in autumn, dense habit, compact size. Completely frost hardy, easygoing as to soil and situation, even in urban sites. Learn More
  6. Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Brunfelsia Compacta Variegated

    Compact form to 1m, ideal in containers and cottage gardens. Variegated creamy foliage and fragrant flowers in a range of mauve and white shades as the sweetly-scented blooms mature. Learn More
  7. Brunfelsia latifolia

    Brunfelsia latifolia

    Gorgeous honey-scented evergreen shrub for frost-free gardens. Thrives in humidity. Pretty spring flowers start deep purple, then fade to lilac and white, giving it the common name of Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. Perfect for hedging, pots, or as a specimen plant. Grows to 1m around. Learn More
  8. Buckinghamia - ivory curl flower

    Buckinghamia - ivory curl flower

    Ornamental native tree with dark glossy leaves and long white scented flower spikes which cascade downward. Very popular subtropical street tree, robust, shapely, and enjoyed by birds. Learn More
  9. Buddleia Joan

    Buddleia Joan

    Soft colour harmonises in mixed borders, honey scent attracts beneficial pollinators (and smells great). Why not plant one near fruit trees or your kitchen garden? Cold hardy once established; just give it a good annual chop back to keep it bushy. Learn More
  10. Buddleia White Profusion

    Buddleia White Profusion

    Very cold-hardy, very free flowering, long white flower spikes with honey scent, great butterfly plant and easy to maintain in any sunny free-draining spot. One of the oldest varieties and still one of the best. Learn More

    Coming Soon

  11. Camellia Chansonette

    Camellia Chansonette

    Glamorous flowering hedge, potted shrub or specimen plant. Big double pink blooms in autumn and winter on glossy evergreen plants to 3m. Lime free soil and a sheltered spot for best results. Learn More
  12. Camellia hiemalis Hiryu

    Camellia hiemalis Hiryu

    Deep rose-red petals blended with darker red at the edges. Semi double flowers on a tall bushy plant. Makes a great evergreen hedge to 3m. Learn More
  13. Camellia sasanqua Jean May

    Camellia sasanqua Jean May

    Super-pretty palest peach-pink double flowers deepening to warm rose pink in the centre. Flowers autumn and winter, excellent for hedging, espaliers, container plantings. Learn More
  14. Camellia sasanqua Paradise Blush

    Camellia sasanqua Paradise Blush

    Long-lasting frilly white flowers with just a blush of soft pink make for a charming evergreen 4m shrub, hedge, or screen. Sasanqua camellias do much better than the japonica types in our warmer humid climate, and will flower earlier too. Learn More
  15. Camellia sasanqua Paradise Hilda

    Camellia sasanqua Paradise Hilda

    Hilda's a beauty! Lots of hot pink blooms for a long time in autumn-winter, on this 3m evergreen shrub. Plant it in a tub, plant it in your borders, plant it as a camellia hedge - she'll look stunning wherever you choose. Sansaqua type, so better for warmer humid gardens than the japonicas. Learn More
  16. Camellia sasanqua Pure Silk

    Camellia sasanqua Pure Silk

    Semi-double pink buds open to a pure white centre - almost like a peony. Elegant and charming evergreen hedges, feature planting, or container plants. Better than Camellia japonica in warmer locations. Our most popular Camellia. Learn More
  17. Camellia sasanqua Roseann

    Camellia sasanqua Roseann

    Semi-double rich pink blooms above large glossy dark evergreen foliage. Large camellia with an elegant natural shape. Lovely hedge, specimen plant, or in a tub on the deck while small. Learn More
  18. Camellia sasanqua Setsugekka

    Camellia sasanqua Setsugekka

    Classic Japanese paperwhite camellia with large wavy-petal flowers each with a golden centre. Pollinating insects love these open-style flowers, great for hedging around fruit and vegetable plots. Much better in warmer climates than japonica camellias, the sasanquas are delicately scented, evergreen, and make excellent screens and hedges. Learn More
  19. Camellia sasanqua Weroona

    Camellia sasanqua Weroona

    Beautiful large flowers in pink and white shades. Weroona makes an ideal flowering hedge for shaded areas. Learn More
  20. Camellia sasanqua Yuletide

    Camellia sasanqua Yuletide

    It's Christmas in July with this cute little evergreen. Red open flowers, each with a golden centre, emerge in autumn-winter. Dense and upright, good for hedging and wall training. Sasanqua variety so good for warmer humid climates as well as cooler ones. Learn More
  21. Corymbia - lemon scented gum

    Corymbia - lemon scented gum

    Kings Park WA features an avenue planting using this majestic fragrant gum. Plant as a wind break in large gardens. Coppice as a shrub in smaller gardens for its divine zesty scent. Koalas love to feed on the leaves - it's an important food tree for them. Flowers March-June.

    We can't ship this product to South Australia for biosecurity reasons.

    Image: Bgpawikedit (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,cropped to size.

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  22. Escallonia Apple Blossom

    Escallonia Apple Blossom

    Wide arching informal hedge for coastal and hinterland gardens. Grows almost anywhere. Clusters of tiny white flowers,each dipped in pink at the lips. Neat evergreen foliage. Drought, wind and frost tolerant.
    Smaller leaves than iveyi (see 4th image showing L-R Apple Blossom, Iveyi, Pink Pixie)

    image: Andrew Fogg via Flickr

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  23. Escallonia Iveyi

    Escallonia Iveyi

    Evergreen flowering hedge shrub to 2.5m, with clusters of scented white blossoms and neat glossy foliage. Ideal for seaside and coastal gardens, hardy in most situations including drought and frost. Not so good in humidity so one for cooler states, where the leaves will bronze up nicely in cold weather.

    Flower image: JLPC (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Cropped to size

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  24. Gardenia  'True Love®'

    Gardenia 'True Love®'

    The newest addition to our gardenia range, BIG double white blooms, glossy evergreen foliage, everything we love about gardenias. Plus - it's hardy and pest resistant. Beautiful potted plant or no-prune low hedge to 1m.
    "I bought some gardenias from you 2 years ago and just wanted to tell you they are all growing wonderfully and flowering now. I thought that Prof Pucci was so beautiful until True Love flowered today. The flower is exquisite....and soo huge!!! [our] climate is warm and humid and plants grow well. I thought you would like to hear :)"
    Josie, Coffs Harbour NSW Learn More
  25. Gardenia Yoshiba

    Gardenia 'Aimee Yoshiba'

    New tall variety with deep green leaves and beautiful scented large flowers. To 2m, ideal for hedges, against a wall, screens and privacy. Good for cut flowers too as stems are long and straight. Learn More

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