Calla Pot of Snow - 1 bulb

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Prized cut flower and versatile indoor / outdoor plant, for sunny areas in borders and containers. Will grow in shade, producing fewer flowers and more leaves. Flowers a pure white, with broad green leaves, softening to pale pink as they age. 

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Zantedeschia 'Pot of Snow' - calla lily

DESCRIPTION : Broad green leaves and long straight flower stems with white flowers. Flowers are like an open cone or scroll with a central upright spathe, and highly prized for cut flower arranging.
PLANTING : Bulbs thrive in rich, free draining soil. Prepare clay soil using a clay-breaker and add well composted manure or mulch to help with drainage. Add grit or gravel to your planting holes if your soil is heavy, or plant up into containers. Plant bulbs with the narrow end facing upward, cover with a good layer of mulch to help regulate soil temperature.
USE IN : Ideal for sunny borders, rockeries, containers.
CARE : Once planted, water the soil to set the bulb in place. An occasional light watering is all that's needed until the first flowers appear. Water and feed weekly or if the soil becomes dry, give a good deep water. Dry spells will cause the plant to become dormant. Once flowering is finished leave plants to die back, it's not the prettiest sight but don't be tempted to trim the yellowing foliage. The nutrients are being drawn back into the bulbs for next year.
CLIMATE : Frost-free to sub-tropical

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late Winter-early Spring  10cm 20cm 30-50cm late Spring-Summer
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