Welcome to Australian Plants Online - Over Twenty Years of Plant Growing Expertise

We've been producing and growing plants for professional horticulturalists and landscapers for over twenty years, at our Sunshine Coast nursery.

In winter 2013 we launched our business to supply our plants direct to home gardeners around Australia, so everyone can take advantage of our great value garden plants.

Our propagation staff are experts, renowned for propagating even the trickiest of plants – which means we can offer you low cost tubestock plants that elsewhere you'd pay large amounts for.

Most of our plants we propagate ourselves at the nursery; some plants we also source from trusted specialist nurseries, to give you the widest choice.

Since Australian Plants Online's small beginnings, we've mailed millions of plants to gardeners across Australia.
In September 2020, we launched shipping to NT and TAS, making us truly nationwide.

We pre-treat and specially hydrate all plants before shipping, so they can survive long transit times and unforeseen delays.

Fantastic Value

Because we sell direct from our nursery to you, you get great cost savings on your plants.

Tube stock are fantastic value plants, low cost to buy, and fast growing – so they catch up quickly to more expensive potted plants.

Their roots are young and fresh, so they do not suffer from being ‘pot bound’ as larger potted plants can do.

They're also much lighter than larger pot sizes, which means you're not paying extra postage to ship soil.

Industry Trusted

APO is a member of the Nursery & Garden Industry Association Queensland. Our nursery adheres to national industry Best Practice Guidelines.

Our plants are raised on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland – the premier tubestock production area of Australia (and a beautiful place to visit!)

Special Packaging

Our packing team carefully selects, labels, packs and tapes your plants in place so they reach you in the best condition possible.

We designed our packaging ourselves so it fits our pots perfectly. It’s super-sturdy and made to measure.

We boast that they are “Australia Post Proof!” and our customers agree!

Complete Order Flexibility

You can order just one single plant, if you want to. If you only want one, you can just order one. There's no minimum order.

You can order one hundred plants (if we have them in stock!) There's no maximum order limit.

You can mix and match your order: one philodendron, one palm tree, one packet of seeds. It's your choice.

We don't force you to buy in bulk, or in pre-made assortments.

Widest Range of Plants

We stock over a thousand different plants throughout the year. Some are available all year round – the beautiful Queensland climate means we can grow right through the winter – and some plants are more seasonal in nature.

  • Wildlife-attracting plants like bottlebrush, grevillea, tea tree and kangaroo paw
  • showy flowering ornamentals such as hibiscus, ixora, azalea and camellia
  • favourite hedges like viburnum, lilly pilly, red robin, and min a min
  • low-maintenance ground covers including mondo grass, little ruby, no-mow grass and star jasmine
  • tough hardy natives including mat rush, dietes, dianella and coastal rosemary
  • sweet-scented plants like gardenia, magnolia, murraya and jasmine
  • fast-growing screening plants such as tiger grass, duranta, vines
  • and a huge range of trees, shrubs, grasses, tropicals, succulents, ferns, fruits, herbs, and seeds!

Get Across Our Range

If you are looking for something in particular and can't find it through the site search box, please ask our customer service team.

Your plant might just be taking a break off-site for the season, coming back soon; or it might be something we don’t yet stock but we can source for you.

We are continually seeking out new and interesting products - to give you the biggest and best choice of climate-appropriate plants for all Australian gardens.