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Why We Can't Ship Some Plants

Products restricted to shipping for biosecurity reasons

Because of the risk to food crops, and for general biosecurity in areas which are not yet affected by these issues, nurseries are restricted by government from moving some plants across state borders. Individual states have quarantine restrictions for certain plants in place. We can still send you most other plants. If you find difficulty in checking out your order, it might be that you have a prohibited plant for your state in your basket.

Myrtaceae: SA, WA & NT

Because of a disease called Myrtle Rust, nurseries are restricted from moving these plants across state borders. 

  • Acca – feijoa
  • Acmena
  • Agonis - juniper myrtle
  • Austromyrtus - midgem berry
  • Babingtonia
  • Backhousia - lemon myrtle, grey myrtle
  • Baeckea
  • Callistemon – bottlebrush
  • Chamelaucium - waxflower
  • Corymbia – flowering gum
  • Eucalyptus - gum
  • Leptospermum – tea tree
  • Lophostemon – Queensland brush box
  • Melaleuca – Claret Tops, paperbark, honey myrtle
  • Metrosideros – Fiji Fire
  • Syzygium – lilly pilly
  • Thryptomene
  • Tristaniopsis - water gum
  • Waterhousea – weeping lilly pilly
  • Xanthostemon – golden penda


Vaccinium spp. SA, VIC & WA

Because of a disease called Blueberry Rust, nurseries are restricted from moving these plants across state borders.

  • Azalea/Rhododendron
  • Blueberry


Fennel VIC


Gazania SA, WA


Acacia baileyana ACT


WA additional plants

There are few plant families which we do not send to WA because of biosecurity laws, or the potentially long transit time involved. These include:

  • Alternanthera
  • Berry fruits, passionfruit, tamarillo
  • Dianthus - carnation
  • Euphorbia
  • Hydrangea
  • Lavender
  • Osteospermum
  • Rosemary
  • Salvia - flowering sage
  • Scaevola - fan flower
  • Tibouchina
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