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Why We Can't Ship Some Plants

Products restricted to shipping for biosecurity reasons

Because of the risk to crops and for general biosecurity in areas which are not yet affected by these issues, nurseries are restricted from moving some plants across state borders. If you live in TAS, WA, NT, VIC or SA, these states have quarantine restrictions in place. We can still send you most other plants, if you live in QLD, NSW, ACT these restrictions don't apply.

Myrtaceae: SA, WA & NT

Because of a disease called Myrtle Rust, nurseries are restricted from moving these plants across state borders. 

  • Acca – feijoa
  • Acmena
  • Babingtonia
  • Backhousia
  • Baeckea
  • Callistemon – Bottlebrush
  • Corymbia – Flowering Gum
  • Leptospermum – Tea tree
  • Lophostemon – Queensland brush box
  • Melaleuca – Claret Tops, paperbark
  • Metrosideros – Fiji Fire
  • Syzygium – lilly pilly
  • Waterhousea – weeping lilly pilly
  • Xanthostemon – golden penda


Vaccinium spp. SA, VIC & WA

The following plants are known hosts to Blueberry Rust and are restricted from import.

  • Azalea/Rhododendron
  • Blueberry Bush


Fennel VIC



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