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Garden Info

Which Buddleia is Best For You?

16, September, 2020

The scented blossom flowers of buddleia are absolutely wonderful at attracting wildlife to your garden. The common name is “butterfly bush” – and for good reason. Butterflies lap up the nectar in each blossom, and on a warm day you’ll have your very own butterfly garden to enjoy.

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Learn to Speak Plant - how to understand plant names

30, July, 2020

Sometimes it seems like plant names are terrifyingly and unnecessarily complicated. Like they are in Klingon, not English. Can't we just call them all by their common names?

Read more

What Does That Mean? A Gardening Glossary

08, July, 2020

Gardening can be confusing to beginners - like every hobby, there's a lot of words that have specific meanings for those in the know. Here's some of those words, to help you learn more about plants.

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Which Dianella is Best For You?

30, June, 2020

Dianellas – our native flax lily – are an excellent addition to all kinds of gardens, from native bush paddocks to schmick urban back yards. How many could you make room for, in your garden?

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How We Produce Our Plants

12, May, 2020

We produce - or 'propagate' - our plants in the nursery in one of three ways : from cuttings, from tissue culture, and from seed. Find out more on how we do that, here.

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Bee-Friendly Gardening

21, April, 2020

Without bees, almost all edible crops would be unpollinated – no fruits, no vegetables, no nuts. Many favourite garden flowers would go unpollinated too – no seeds for future plants. And no honey for our toast. Help restore declining bee populations by finding a place for bee-friendly plants, in even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

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Which Plants Are Best For Clay Soils?

15, April, 2020

Want to ditch the shovel and plant a garden? There's a surprising range of plants suited to clay soil, from groundcovers to feature trees. Many favourite native plants are ideal, they're naturally exposed to prolonged periods of rain followed by drought.

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Plants for Health & Wellbeing

10, April, 2020

Plants can add beauty and a sense of nature to our homes and offices, shopping malls and public spaces. But did you know they also help us feel better, and stay healthier, physically and mentally?

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How to Plant Spring Bulbs

09, March, 2020

Bulbs are such rewarding plants to grow - child's play to plant, happy growing in gardens or pots, and can slip into the tiniest spaces to provide a burst of colour. We've got bulbs for cold climates and bulbs for subtropical ones. Here's our top ten tips for simple successful bulb planting

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Women In Horticulture

05, March, 2020

To mark International Women's Day, March 8th, we remember some of the significant Australian women working in horticulture.

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