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  • golf bag on golf course
    Plant The Look - Augusta Masters
    The US Masters is the golf tournament that even non-golf fans know - and it's not for the challenging greens, or the challenging social history that clouds the club... It's for the lush colourful planting at every hole of the course.
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  • Labour Day
    Labour Day
    Are you are celebrating Labour Day with a day off work, like we are here in QLD? Thank a protesting worker!
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  • grafting point
    How We Graft Our Plants
    Grafting is the process of attaching the top part of one plant to the roots of another. It's a skilled technique. Here's how it's done
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Welcome to Australian Plants Online - Over Twenty Years of Plant Growing Expertise

We’ve been producing and growing plants for professional horticulturalists and landscapers for over twenty years, at our Sunshine Coast nursery.

For almost ten years, we have supplied our tubestock plants direct to home gardeners like you, right across Australia. This means you can get a wide range of plants that elsewhere you’d pay large amounts for.

Our propagation staff are experts, renowned for growing even the trickiest of plants. Most of our plants we produce ourselves at the nursery; some we also source from trusted specialist nurseries, to give you the widest choice.

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