This is our new range of orchids, developed with a local specialist orchid breeder. They are proving incredibly popular, with 12 varieties selling out in the first weekend. We appreciate your patience; the next batch of plants will be large enough to sell in around six weeks.

Orchids in commercial production frequently have long and complex family histories, with a cross-bred genealogy that would rival a Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle show. We have simplified the names of orchids in the catalog to make browsing easier. You will find the complete hybrid name in the product description on each page.

General Care Notes: All these orchids need a tropical climate, preferably over 15C year round. Some can tolerate full sun, most will need shade for part of the day. Most orchids enjoy humidity , so if you don’t live in a tropical climate, mist frequently with a water spray. Place the orchid pot on a dish of pebbles filled with water, so that the water evaporates around the plant without soaking up into the pot. Water and mist with rainwater where possible. If you have to water with tap or tank water check the salt levels, as salt will burn orchid roots.
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