Firewise Plants

Bushfires are terrifying and unpredictable - and all organic material has the potential to burn in a bushfire. But you can plan your garden to be more fire safe through the plants you choose.
Fire retardant plants can absorb some of the heat, trap embers and sparks, and reduce wind speed, slowing the fire down.
Plants with thick, fleshy leaves, like succulents, and plants with large glossy leaves, have more moisture content and are less flammable than hard, thin, or needle-like leaves.
Smooth bark produces less dry debris than stringybark or paperbark. Native trees with lots of oils are very flammable, so plant eucalypts, tea trees and bottlebrush away from the house in fire-risk areas. Same goes for aromatic conifers and woody herbs.
A tidy garden will be a safer garden. Prune dead branches, clear up debris, and sweep up fallen leaves.

Read our blog post on Firewise Plants for more tips and help.
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