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Nature's Way Dipel Caterpillar Killer 40g

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Suffering from caterpillars but don't want to harm beneficial insects with pesticides? This naturally derived solution is perfect for use on vegetables, fruits, herbs, vines and ornamentals, so you can carry on gardening organically.

Attracting bird life to your garden can help keep caterpillar numbers down; and leaving a small patch of wildflowers for caterpillars to munch on is helpful for Butterfly Friendly Gardening - because without caterpillars we wouldn't have beautiful butterflies.

Yates' Nature's Way Dipel Caterpillar Killer 40g

DESCRIPTION: Effective against a wide range of leaf-eating caterpillars and is safe for bees, ladybirds and other insects, birds, fish, mammals and pets. Derived from beneficial bacteria found in soil, on plant surfaces and also in insects. Yates Nature's Way products are based on natural, low toxic & organic ingredients.

USE: Suitable for use around the garden and for herbs, vegetables, fruits, vines. Please note this solution will not kill the caterpillars immediately, once eaten it may take up to 3 - 4 days to take effect.

SIZE: 40g box - contains 4 x 10g sachets

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