1. Get everything together that you will need :
compost, trowel or transplanter, bulbs,
and gloves (if you have sensitive skin or allergies).

2. Sort the bulbs largest to smallest.
Largest bulbs will go towards the bottom of your container.
Add compost to the bottom of the pot.

3. Usual rule of thumb is from the soil level (or bottom of the hole)
to the soil surface is three times the bulb height.
Measure it with our transplanter trowel.

4. Add the biggest bulbs, pointy end up!
If there's no pointy end, lay them on their rounded side.

5. Space them out
or group them, as you prefer.
Place them gently - don't press down.

6. Top up the compost
and firm gently around.

7. Add the smaller bulbs in the spaces.
Cover with compost.

8. Repeat with the smallest bulbs
until there's no more space
or no more bulbs

9. Cover with a final layer of compost.
Water well to settle the soil,
and leave somewhere cool and shady.