Buxus microphylla - Korean Box

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Very low box hedge with smaller rounded leaves. Foliage turns lime green in full sun so an ideal hedge for shady gardens. Will grow to 1m but maybe not in your lifetime. Can grow 30cm in 3 years so if you're planting out a model village in your back garden this is the one to choose...


The images show Korean box L with harlandii R and microphylla R for comparison.


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Buxus microphylla var microphylla - Korean Box

DESCRIPTION: Tiny leaved box hedge (micro phylla = tiny leaf), very low and slow growing.
USE IN:  Low border hedges, containers, windowboxes, stepovers, groundcover.
LOCATION: Plant in well drained soil in dappled or part shade to maintain leaf colour. Tolerates most soil types except acidic.
CARE: Mulch and water well when planting. Continue to water regularly for the first 12 weeks or until the plant is established. Fertilise during Spring and prune as required to maintain form.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 0.3m -1m H x 0.5m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These plants are tube-stock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide
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