We've got different wire shapes - including moons, stars, hearts, circles, and shoes - to fill with plants.
You'll need a frame of your choice; sphagnum moss; compost or coir mix; and a selection of small plants such as succulents.

Here's how to plant up yours, step by step

1. Take your wire frame - we're using a heart.
Lay it flat with the mesh at the bottom.

2. Add sphagnum moss to the base and sides

3. ...until the mesh is all covered

4. Fill the frame with compost or coir...

5. ...until it's full

6. Cover the soil with more moss

7. Turn the frame over carefully.
Water well and leave to drain

8. Make holes in the moss for plants.
We're using succulents. Press them in gently.

9. Continue until the frame is covered.
Hang it up and admire your work!