Seed Envelopes - Pack of 10

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It's great fun (and great value) to harvest your own seeds from your favourite garden plants. And then you have a random assortment of old flimsy envelopes, crumpled paper bags, scraps of newspaper folded up; and plastic bags that make the seeds sweat and create mould. Plus you can't remember what any of them were. Store your seeds safely and tidily for the future - with labels! - in our sturdy saver envelopes.
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APO Seed Envelopes Pack of 10

DESCRIPTION: Australian Plants Online's very own seed envelopes! Thick sturdy protective envelopes made from 100% recycled paper. Come with two lick-and-stick patches on the flap to seal your envelopes once full.
SIZE: Designed to fit perfectly within our seed tins, you'll never lose track of your harvested babies again!

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