Soil Thermometer

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Soil frozen on top can often be warm enough for roots to survive, further down. And soil baked by the sun can be helpfully cool in areas under growing groundcover. This thermometer has a generously long probe so you can get right down into your garden beds for a full picture.

Soil temperature is what dictates the successful growth of our food and plants, not the air temperature. Whether you sow or plant in a flowerbed, vegetable patch or greenhouse, the correct temperature is important for your plants to grow well right from the start.
TFA Thermometer for Soil - 250mm

Easy-to-use probe that helps you give your plants the best start. Works in pots, and outdoors in garden beds. Displays temperature in Celsius with 10 degree increments.
USE: Stick the probe into the soil, wait 1 minute, read the display.
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