Chlorophytum - spider plant

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Yeah baby, the 70s are back! Political protests, environmental awareness, marijuana legislation - and indoor plants! The ultimate 70s plant is the spider plant; it looks majestic dangling in a macrame hanger, and needs very little care while we lie in our beanbags listening to the hidden message on side two of the album.

Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum' - spider plant

DESCRIPTION: A rosette or fountain of strappy leaves, apple green edged in white. Produces long arching stems ending in small white flowers, and small plantlets that can be repotted or left on the plant.
USES: Hanging baskets and indoors, underplanting in tropical gardens, annual bedding. 
PLANTING: Water regularly throughout the growing season; reduce watering in the winter.  Plant in bright, indirect light. Will tolerate shade, this may slow its growth and weaken the leaf colour. Avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch leaf tips.
CARE: Repot any plantlets to produce new plants; trim off brown leaves, give it a cool shower if it looks dusty.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: Up to 50 cm H x Up to 50 cm W.
YOUR PLANTS: These plants are tube-stock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide. May be supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on.
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