Sagina subulata Aurea – Scotch moss

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Bright golden -yellow foliage separates this sculptural moss from its relatives. Decorated with tiny white flowers during summer. Tolerates light foot traffic so is a great lawn substitute for partly shaded areas.

Sagina subulata Aurea - golden pearlwort, Scotch moss

APPEARANCE : Low dense mossy-looking groundcover, evergreen with golden foliage and dotted with tiny white flowers in summer. Native to Europe, surprisingly related to carnations.
USE FOR :  Suited to rockeries, around ponds, ground cover, roof gardens, modern urban spaces, Japanese style gardens. Lawn substitute if it doesn't get walked on much.
PLANTING :  Give it full sun, regular water, and good drainage. Happy to grow in most soil types with good drainage. Tolerates dry spells and frost.
CARE : Water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks. Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser in spring. If mature plants develop a brown patch, spray with a fungicide. For a lawn effect mow lightly monthly in summer and once in winter, otherwise leave to grow. Check for fairies and pixies before mowing.
HEIGHT & WIDTH :  2 - 5 cm H. Will spread and self-sow until removed.
YOUR PLANTS : These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide.
You can see an example in the image gallery.
What is tubestock?

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