Plant The Look - Our 2022 QGE Show Stand

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QGE 2022 teacup plants
Above is a shot of our Selfie Spot stand display at the 2022 Queensland Garden Expo.

We created a quiet space to escape from the bustle of the show, papered in our lollipop tree logo and branded in our signature orange.


We completed the look with an orange-cushioned planted sofa, and planted lamp stand.

There's even a matching teapot and cup to help visitors rest and relax!

We were really happy to see the display enjoyed by lots of visitors to kick back, have fun, take a selfie, and admire the plants.




Relax at Home With Plants

If you find abandoned furniture at the curbside, or want to upcycle an old lounge or dining set of your own, here's what we did to make our room green and gorgeous!


QGE 2022 seat plants

A Serene Seat

We removed the outer-edge pair of seat cushions and attached shallow plant trays of the same size to the back and seat.

These were filled with rows of our tubestock plants, all low-growing and especially selected for a mix of interesting textures (and the occasional surprise flower!)


We chose to keep the colour palette gentle and tonal, in calming shades of green, for maximum serenity.

You could go wild with colour and really amp up the contrast between each plant stripe!

Take a look at our Groundcover Plants category for inspiration - there's lots of choice to make this look your own.


QGE 2022 lampstand plants

Light & Easy Decor

We replaced the lampshade fitting in the lamp stand with a hanging basket instead, which we lined with a jute basket liner.

This is planted up with sphagnum moss, potting mix and several cascading pothos plants - Epipremnum. The tall height really shows off their fast-growing leafy stems and the heart-shaped leaves.

In the centre we've added an accent flowering succulent in our signature orange - you could keep your display all green if you prefer.


Teacup Plants

The teapot is planted to match, with a single pothos plant; and the cup holds a bubbling brew of snakeskin plants - Fittonia - in two colours, white and pink.


The Plants We Used

QGE 2022 seat plants

Click the plant names to jump to their product pages and find out more:

QGE 2022 plants


And that's it!

Here you can see a close-up of the green and white snakeskin leaves; and the flowers of white star creeper, white thrift (this also comes in a bright pink form), and white cut leaf daisy (which also comes in mauve, purple, and pink varieties - you might spot a purple one in the photos above.)

Remember to water your new tubestock regularly in a display like this, to keep them looking lush and green. The pothos will appreciate a regular mist spray too!