Slasher 750ml - eco-organic weedkiller

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Shoot weeds dead with this ready-to-use organic pet-safe GM-free weedkiller made from plant oils. Fast-acting and effective for weed control and clearing driveways of moss and algae. 750ml spray bottle.
Slasher Organic Weedkiller

DESCRIPTION A ready-to-use spray that kills unwanted plants, weeds, moss, and algae. Organic formulation is based on GM-free plant oils developed for the food industry. Biodegradable. Pet-safe and child-safe once dried.

USES Use on paths and drives, in beds and borders, and as a spot-kill spray in lawns. Note: It will kill every plant it is sprayed on. Fast acting, reduces green vegetation to dry dead material. It is a non-selective weedkiller so take care when spraying that your favourite plants are not affected - use on still dry days to avoid drift.
SIZE 750ml ready-to-use spray bottle

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