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5 In 1 Trowel

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Nifty, handy, ingenious, convenient, versatile! Five words for this five-in-one gadget that lifts weeds, eases plants out of their pots, cuts through small roots, slices string, and opens compost bags (or a sneaky stubby) all with one tool! It's a Six in One tool really as the blade is marked in increments to enable accurate planting of bulbs and seeds. Stick one in your back pocket every time you pop out into the garden.

Darlac 5 in 1 Trowel

DESCRIPTION:  Darlac tools are engineered for gardeners by gardeners and are known for their quality. This versatile garden trowel has five diverse uses for each part of the blade.
USES: Use the forked end for lifting weeds, the honed edge for easing plants out of pots, the saw edge to cut through small roots, the notch for cutting string, and the cutter for opening compost bags.
LENGTH: 350mm

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