Pocket Chain Saw

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This featherlight (73g) pocket-sized chainsaw will slice through hefty tree branches - stash one in your garden toolbag for high-canopy pruning with the climbing; take one camping for chopping firewood; keep one in the truck for clearing fallen trees from the roads. Comes in its own handy pouch.
Darlac Pocket Chain Saw

DESCRIPTION: Pocket chainsaw to cut through roots, tree branches, stumps, and prepared timber up to six times faster than a handsaw. Heat treated saw blade, 'Trueguide' to automatically place the teeth onto the target at the correct cutting position.
USE: For ground level work, fix the included handles to each end and pull back and forth with slow steady strokes. For high growth throw the weighted rope over the limb first and pull up the chainsaw, then pull back and forth.

SIZE: Cuts through branches up to 200mm across; overall length 250mm, weight 73g.

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