Calliandra Pink Poodle

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Pink Poodle gives you all the fluffiness and pinkitude of Hula Girl, only more so. If you have the space for a larger version, this powder puff plant tops out at 3m; with masses of nectar-rich flowers to attract birds to feed almost all year round. It's so pretty, we can't help keep taking photos of it!

We love Pink Poodle for its fluffy flowers, dainty foliage, smaller size

Calliandra surinamensis 'Pink Poodle' - powder puff

APPEARANCE: Evergreen shrub to small tree with soft pink and white pompom shaped flowers year-round, and buds like small unripe blackberries. Leaves are small, arranged herringbone fashion like acacia or wattle; in sunlight they fold up, and in shade they flatten out to maximise photosynthesis. Low branching, fast-growing, and drought tolerant once established. The species is currently being laboratory researched for its anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties.
PLANTING:  Plant in a full sun position to get the longest flowering period. Apply mulch on planting and as required for the first 12 months. to help retain moisture within the soil. Water regularly for the first 12 weeks or until the plant is established.
CARE: Prune spent flowers to encourage dense growth habit and continued flowering. Prefers well drained soil and moderate watering. Frost tender.
HEIGHT & WIDTH:  3m H x 3m W.
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants, young healthy plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80 mm x 42 mm wide.
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