Dieffenbachia Tropical Tiki - dumbcane

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Shimmery silvery shades of green make this Dieffenbachia very elegant and attractive. The long tapering leaves are unusual for these plants too, and the speckled markings mean no two leaves are exactly the same.

Not a plant for homes with curious pets and small children - the common name dumbcane comes from the plant sap's numbing qualities if eaten - but otherwise harmless.

Dieffenbachia maculata 'Tropical Tiki' - dumbcane
DESCRIPTION: Leafy tropical foliage plant; long silvery-green leaves are patterned with bright white spots ('maculata' means spotted), and striped with dark green.
USES: Ideal container plant for a shaded patio or indoors in a well lit room. Suited to underplanting in tropical style gardens 
PLANTING: Plant in a shady spot with indirect sunlight and regular water. Prefers free draining soil or a good quality potting mix; and needs temperatures above 5C.
CARE: Water regularly during the first 12 weeks, and if soil seems dry once established. Apply a slow release fertiliser yearly and liquid feed every three months for healthy foliage. Remove old leaves for a quick tidy up - wash hands afterwards as the sap can be harmful if swallowed.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 1.3 m H x 50 cm W. If grown outdoors plants could reach 2 - 3 m H.
YOUR PLANTS: These plants are tube-stock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide.May be supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on.

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