Eco-Aminogro fertiliser 500ml

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Organic fast-acting liquid pick-me-up for your leafy plants to help them grow healthily. Spray on the leaves as a foliar feed; or add to your watering can and water into the soil for bigger fruits and vegies, healthy foliage, and to give ornamental shrubs a boost.
Eco-Aminogo 500ml - organic liquid fertiliser

DESCRIPTION: Nitrogen-rich mix of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids derived from marine sources, to promote healthy growth in many plants including edibles; and improve soil microbe health. Can be used on a range of plants including natives.
USES: Dilute with water and add to a weed sprayer or hand held sprayer as a foliar feed; or water direct into the soil to reach the roots
SIZE: 500ml bottle with measuring dispenser
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