Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser

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Keep all your plants healthy with an annual application of Osmocote All Purpose slow release formula. Includes wetting agent to help uptake. Good all-round nitrogen-rich nutritional balance suits foliage and flowering plants, fruit and veg, trees, and shrubs.

See our post on What Do Those Fertiliser Letters Mean? to better understand the N:P:K ratio below.

Osmocote 500g Total All Purpose Fertiliser + Wetting Agent

DESCRIPTION: Slow release once-a-year fertiliser developed for almost all kinds of garden plants.
NPK 19.4 : 1.6 : 5
USE: Apply yearly in Spring after pruning, or at bud or leaf break. Simply sprinkle around plants according to container directions and cover with a good layer of mulch. Each plant variety may have different requirements.
SIZE: 500g

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