Impatiens Safari - seed

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Cheery compact flowers for hanging baskets and bedding. Lovely tonal mix of shades through spring-summer, on plants slightly larger than the Bizzie Lizzie mix.
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Impatiens 'Safari' F2 Colour Cocktail
Impatiens walleriana

DESCRIPTION: Busy Lizzies are shade lovers suited to moist areas of the garden. This colourful mix is a harmonious blend of reds, white and shades of pink
PLANTING: Spring - Autumn and Winter in Northern Australia. Sow seeds directly into garden beds or into seed raising mix, cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist. When plants are approx. 5-7cm tall transplant into free draining soil in moist shaded location.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water weekly or as required to avoid drying out, impations need plenty of water to keep them looking their best. Keeping garden beds well mulched will help retain moisture. Apply liquid fertiliser on planting for prolific flowering and plant health. If plants become leggy, simply trim by approx two thirds. The plants will regrow quickly and be flowering in no time! Protect from harsh sunlight and frost.












30cm H  25-30cm 5mm  14-21 days  10 weeks


Contains 75 seeds.

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