Osmocote 700g Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs Fertiliser

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Extra magnesium for foliage health, revitalises fruit trees and evergreen shrubs. Simply scatter this slow release fertiliser at the drip line of trees according to pack directions and cover with a good layer of mulch.

See our post on What Do Those Fertiliser Letters Mean? to better understand the N:P:K ratio below.

Osmocote 700g Fruit, Citrus, Trees & Shrubs

DESCRIPTION: Easy to use slow release fertilser specifically formulated for use on fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. Added trace elements ensure plants receive optimal nutrition for up to 6 months. This low phosphorus formula can be used on native fruit trees too.
NPK 16.6 : 2 : 6.6
USE For newly planted trees & shrubs sprinkle granules evenly around the base of the tree according to the container directions.
SIZE: 700g

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