Zucchini Midnight - seed

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Get large crops of tasty dark green zucchini from these compact fast growing plants.

Easy to grow in containers - perfect petite size. Harvest while young and tender. Good companion plants for nasturtiums too!

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Curcubita pepo 'Midnight' - zucchini

DESCRIPTION : High yielding vitamin-rich vegetable plant in a compact size ideal for containers. Dark glossy good-sized fruits.
SOWING : Sow direct in spring summer, into pots or garden rows. Lightly cover seed to 10mm. Germinates in 10-14 days
PLANTING : Space plants 40-50cm apart. Harvest in 8-10 weeks.
CARE : Keep moist through germination and while growing. Water and feed regularly through the growing period.
CONTENTS : 10 seeds
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