Squash Yellow Scallop - seed

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Perfect mini-sized veggies for little ones to grow - they're fast, easy, and brightly coloured. In six weeks they'll be ready to eat - and kids will want to eat something they've grown themselves, which helps you give them a healthier diet.

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Curcurbita pepo 'Yellow Scallop' squash, patty pan - seed

DESCRIPTION: Spreading groundcover vine to 2 metres wide. Squash are yellow and scalloped around the edges
PLANTING: Spring-Summer and Winter in warmer areas. Sow seeds directly into their final position or into seedling trays in groups of 2-3. Thin to two seedlings and transplant when seedlings are easily handled, approx 10cm. Plant in a full sun location in free draining soil. For best results prepare soil by digging through well composted manure. 
USE IN: Quick cooking recipes such as stir-fry and egg dishes.
CARE: Water seedlings daily until established and follow up with regular water especially during dry periods.  Apply liquid fertiliser regularly for best results. Squash are most delicious when harvested young, while they fit into your palm. Avoid letting the squash grow too large as the flesh will become dry and bitter. Regular harvesting encourages more flowers resulting an a substantial crop.











0.6m x 2m 1m 12mm  6-10 days  6-10 weeks

 Contains 10 seeds.

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