Aloe aristata - lace aloe - succulent

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This petite polkadot succulent is so special it's got a brand new family all to itself : it's now an Aristaloe!

Each triangular leaf is edged in tiny fearsome-looking teeth like a shark; but it's a pussycat to look after, needing almost no care except an occasional water and an annual feed.

In the wild it grows in dry, sandy deserts, high grassland plains, cold mountain slopes, and shady forest clearings - so try it in various places in your home and garden and see where it's happiest. (Probably everywhere!)

Flower image: Floradania

Aloe aristata, Aristaloe - lace aloe

APPEARANCE: Easy care succulent with rosettes of triangular leaves, deep green spotted with white. Mature happy plants produce long stems of coral bell flowers in spring and summer.
USES: Ornamental plant ideal in well lit areas 
PLANTING: Plant in free draining soil in pots or out in the garden, taking care to keep the crown above the soil. Suited to full sun and part shade. Cold hardy to around -5C once mature.
CARE: Aloe plants require little water. Watering during the warmer months when the soil is dry will keep plants healthy. Fertilise during spring with an organic liquid feed mixed at half rate. If potted plants become crowded as pups develop, remove young plants and share with neighbours or re-pot into a slightly bigger pot.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 20cm H x 20cm W.
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants with a healthy young root system and will establish quickly in your garden. The pot height is 80 mm x 42 mm wide. Your plants may be supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on.
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