All Purpose Fertiliser 500g

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This controlled-release all-purpose fertiliser is made with non-acidifying formulation, meaning it doesn't alter the PH of your soils as it feeds your plants. Ideal for your indoor and outdoor potted plants - and super easy to use.

See our post on What Do Those Fertiliser Letters Mean? to better understand the N:P:K ratio below.

Brunnings 500g All Purpose NPK Fertiliser

DESCRIPTION: Slow release with fast acting ingredients for quick results and extended feeding. Ideal for use on indoor and outdoor potted plants as well as most garden applications (except natives).
NPK: 7.8 : 3.8 : 9.6
USE: Apply every 2 - 3 months. Simply sprinkle around plants according to container directions and cover with a good layer of mulch. Each plant variety may have different requirements. Be sure to water in immediately after application
SIZE: 500g
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