How to Find the Perfect Plants For You On Our Site

With over 800 plants in stock at some weeks of the year, the choice on the website can be overwhelming.
It's hard to know where to start!

The first port of call should be our blog posts:

Garden Tips

When you've completed the checklist, you can really get into the fun of choosing plants - secure in the knowledge that the plants you choose, will love the conditions and care that you can give them!

That way you have more chance of success, and your plants thriving in their new home.


You'll find all our helpful blog posts under ASK US on the top menu bar; and a selection under Related Posts on associated product pages.

Plant Related Posts


These Related Posts are relevant to the plant featured in the page you are viewing - so here, on the Murraya - mock orange page, you'll see posts about scent, and working out how many plants to order.


Shop All Plants


Find The Right Category

1. If you know what type of plant you want

Maybe you are looking for a particular kind of plant - like grevillea, or jasmine, or peace lily.

Maybe you're looking for a plant to do a specific job, such as hedging, or groundcover.


Look under SHOP ALL PLANTS in the main menu.

You'll see big plant categories - Native Plants, Flowering Plants, Indoor Plants etc - and inside them, smaller plant categories like grevillea and jasmine and peace lily.

If you don't see the subcategories, click the little arrows beside the names.


Plant for Places


2. If you know what conditions your garden has

Maybe you are looking for plants which can thrive in certain climate and soil conditions, like clay soil, or full sun, or frost.

Look under PLANTS FOR PLACES in the main menu.


You'll see big categories - Clay Soils, Plants For Sun, Frost Tolerant.

If you're new to gardening, this is a great place to start, as you'll get plants that grow well in the conditions you have in your own garden.

If the categories have an arrow beside, you'll find sub-categories below. Like Flowers In Shade, under Plants For Shade.


You'll also see some location categories :

  • Coastal Gardens experience wind, salt spray, sandy soil;
  • Outback Gardens get very hot and often very cold, with little rainfall;
  • Tropical Gardens are warm and humid all year.


Filter To Find Your Perfect Plants

Down the left side of your computer screen, or under the Shop By button at the bottom of the mobile screen, you'll find a series of options. This is the Filter menu.

You can use these filters within the SHOP ALL PLANTS and PLANTS FOR PLACES categories - and inside any of the smaller subcategories too!

Hedge Menu Mobile Filter

Australian Plants Filter Menu


Australian Plants Filter Menu

1. Start with the most important plant attribute to you

For instance, you're looking for something scented. Or you only want native plants.

Open up that filter option, click your first choice, and you'll see the selection reduce to match.

You'll see the tick box turn orange, and beside it the number of how many plants you now have to choose from.


2. If there is still too much choice

Click another attribute - such as it must handle frost, or grow to two metres tall.

As you add each filter option, you'll see them appear at the top of the Filter menu.

Here we've selected scented plants that are frost tolerant. There's 33 to choose from.


If you want to change one of the options - you need your plants to be frost hardy, rather than just frost tolerant - simply click the cross beside it.

The selection will automatically update for you.


As you choose the options one by one, you'll see a selection of plants appear - until you have only the ones that are absolutely perfect for what you need.

Here's some combinations we chose, and one of the plants that appeared as a result :

Australian Plants