Calathea Beauty Star

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Strikingly handsome foliage plant for indoors or tropical gardens. Beautiful leaf patterns vary slightly from plant to plant, giving each one a unique appearance. Keep it warm and regularly misted to maintain its good looks.

Calathea 'Beauty Star'

APPEARANCE : Tropical foliage plant with large broad highly-patterned leaves on long stems. Leaf patterns are unique from plant to plant, usually dark green leaf with bright green feathered bands and fine cream-pale pink hairline stripes.
USES: Indoor plant, tropical accent planting.  
PLANTING: Plant in a shady spot with indirect sunlight. Prefers moisture-retaining soil or a good quality potting mix. Needs temperatures over 15C
CARE: Water regularly during the first 12 weeks and regularly once established. Mist regularly if air humidity is low, and wipe the leaves gently with a damp cloth to free them of dust. Apply a nitrogen rich slow release fertiliser every three months for vibrant healthy foliage.
HEIGHT & WIDTH: 30 - 40cm H x 40 - 60cm W.
YOUR PLANTS : These are tubestock plants, healthy young plants with new roots that will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80mm high and 42 mm wide.
You can see an example in the image gallery.
What is tubestock?

In Stock in 8-12 weeks
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