Carrot Chantenay - seed

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Compact growing gourmet carrots with full flavour and colour beloved by chefs. Perfect for heavy soil and container planting almost all year round. Companion plant with rosemary, chive, spring onion, sage for organic plant health.

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Carrot Chantenay - seed
Daucus carota

DESCRIPTION: Heritage variety producing stumpy, smooth skinned carrots rich in colour and flavour. Ideal for heavy soils and container planting.
PLANTING: Plant year round avoiding extreme heat. Sow directly into final position and thin at approximately 5cm in height. Prefers an open airy location in full sun. Loosen soil to a depth of at least 25cm taking care to remove stones, they can produce some very interesting shapes.
USE IN: These carrots are snack-size with thin skin, no need to peel! Scrub, add fresh thyme and butter to a roasting pan and enjoy sweet caramelised carrots a as delicious side dish.
CARE: Water young plants using a light spray, seedlings are quite tender. Once established, water regularly for fast growth and sweet flavour. Harvest carrots at around 4 months, if you're a little uncertain, gently remove some of the soil to see how they're growing.












20-30cm H x 20cm W 10 cm 5mm  10-21 days  15-18 weeks

Contains 2000 seeds

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