Cat nip - seed

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Spoil your furry friend with a little garden treat! Catnip is pet-safe, loved by cats and produces attractive white flower spikes on grey-green foliage. Dry some and sew it into a little toy to keep and play with.

Keep your moggy safe - read our post on plants that are safe for cats

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Nepeta cataria - cat nip, catnip - seed

DESCRIPTION: Herbaceous perennial with mint-like leaves & pale blue or white flower spikes, irresistible to cats. Cats become quite frisky around the aromatic foliage and may chew and roll on it.
PLANTING: Sow Autumn to early spring in warmer regions, Spring to Autumn in cooler ones. Sow in a full sun location sheltered from wind in final position. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until seedlings emerge.
USE IN: Plant in a pot on the patio for indoor cats, or as a lush border in rock gardens outdoors.
CARE: For best results water regularly liquid fertiliser monthly. 










70 cm H

 70 cm

5mm  7-14 days


Contains 250 seeds.

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