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Give your cat a treat! Cat Grass is quick and easy to grow and has loads of essential vitamins to help keep your feline feeling healthy. Especially useful for house cats who don't have garden grass to chew when their tummies are upset.

Sow fortnightly to give your kitty a regular supply of grass. Ready to eat in 4 weeks.

Keep your moggy safe - read our post on plants that are safe for cats
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Dactylis glomerata - cat grass

DESCRIPTION: Fast growing grass that's easy to grow and a neat healthy treat for your cat to aid its digestion.
PLANTING: Year round. Sow seeds into trays, apply a thin layer of soil and keep moist. When grass around 8cm high allow your cat to nibble as desired.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established. To keep a regular supply follow up with another tray every 2-3 weeks.











8cm H   NA
5mm  3-5 days  2-4 weeks


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