Miracle Gro Push & Feed plant food

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The easiest, least-fuss way to feed your plants. Twice a year poke one of these into the soil near the roots. That's it!
If it's a really big plant, or a big pot, or a hungry feeder (like seasonal vegetables) poke two pellets in. Job done.
Miracle-Gro Push & Feed

DESCRIPTION: Controlled release pellets for indoor and outdoor plants, clean and easy to use. Suit all plants except phosphorus sensitive natives.
NPK: 14 : 9 : 11 and 2% MgO
USE: Push a pellet into the soil to a little less than the depth of your thumb. Hungry feeders like tomatoes, and large-sized plants, will need two or three pellets. Replace every six months. Wash hands after use.
SIZE: Ten per pack
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