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Australian Wildflower Sturt Pea - seed

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The eye-catching floral emblem of SA. Sturt Desert Pea is a creeping groundcover, perfect for native rock gardens and hillside planting. Flowers 12-16 weeks from sowing.

Swainsona formosa - Sturt pea

DESCRIPTION: Creeping vine featuring blue-green foliage and deep red flowers with black centres year round. Ideal as a groundcover or border in native gardens.
PLANTING: Sow seed late winter to mid summer in warm locations and for cooler climates, once the last frost has set. Sturt Desert Peas require a little more care than the average flowering perennial, but is well worth the effort. Start by placing seeds in a cup of water overnight the day prior to planting. A sprinkle of Mr Fothergill's seed starter granules will help move things along. Drain the seeds and sow into seed raising mix, gently press and cover with a thin layer of soil. Cover trays with a layer of clear plastic to help retain moisture, remove once seedlings begin to emerge and place in a warm shady spot. Transplant at 7cm avoiding disturbing the roots. For best flowering, plant in a full sun location. Prefers free draining-sandy soil.
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and infrequently as the plants mature. Tolerates light frost once established. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil and fertilise using a native slow release fertiliser.












1-1.2m H x 1-2m W  1m
2-3mm  7-14 days  12-16 weeks


Contains 25 seeds.

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