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Highly fragrant cream flowers with a delicate touch of mauve. Train to ramble over a trellis or fence in a sunny spot for loads of scented blooms. Keep cutting those flowers and they'll keep coming! Flowers in just 12-14 weeks from sowing.

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Lathyrus odoratus - sweet pea 'High Scent' aka 'Hi Scent'

DESCRIPTION: Sprawling climber featuring deeply scented cream flowers tipped with mauve. Allow to clamber over trellises and archways for a beautiful cascading effect.
PLANTING: Mid Summer-Autumn and also Spring in cooler areas. Use a garden fork to loosen the soil and dig through well composted mulch. Water the soil the day prior to planting. Sow seeds directly into their final position, cover and don't water again until seedlings emerge. Plant in a full sun location for best flowering. 
CARE: Water seedlings regularly until established and continue to provide water especially during dry spells. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Train plants over a trellis or fence. For an extra long flowering season, remove spent blooms and feed with liquid fertiliser












180cm H x 45cm W  45 cm 12mm  10-14 days  12-14 weeks


Contains 25 seeds.

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