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Petite little cherry tomato bred for container growing - needs no staking or tying in. Lots of fruits per plant - sow a couple of seeds each week for a longer harvest season.

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Lycopersicon esculentum 'Tiny Tom' tomato

DESCRIPTION : Sweet bite-size red-skinned fruit on a bush tomato plant only 40cm high
SOWING : Sow spring-summer in cooler climates, autumn-winter-spring in tropical locations at 20-28C. Sow seeds directly into their final position or seed trays. Lightly cover seed to 5mm. Germinates in 10-14 days
PLANTING : Prepare soil for final planting with well composted manure. Transplant when seedlings are easily handled, 10-15cm. A full sun location in free draining soil is ideal. For smaller gardens grow bags or large containers are perfect. Harvest in 14-16 weeks
CARE : Water seedlings daily until established and follow up with regular water especially during dry periods. Pinch out lower water shoots and keep two main stems. Mulch plants and apply liquid fertiliser regularly for best results. Protect plants from frost. If insects are a ever a problem use an organic insecticide like eco-oil, safe to use on veggies. For the more adventurous home gardeners try companion planting with marigolds or chives, the natural oils help to deter unwanted visitors.
CONTENTS : 75 seeds

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