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Great looking, great tasting gourmet stringless dwarf French bean. Heavy cropping and prized for its flavour.

Self-supporting plants need no staking - ideal for container growing. Attractive purple flowers before the dark purple beans appear. If you want a tall climbing purple bean choose Purple King.

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Phaeolus 'Purple Queen' - French bean
DESCRIPTION : Dwarf stringless annual bean with purple flowers, striking dark purple pods which turn green when cooked. Very flavoursome; only 50cm high
SOWING : Sow from late spring to autumn, direct or into pots. Cover seed to 3cm.
PLANTING : Water on planting, leave for a couple of days, and water again when seedlings emerge. Plant in a sheltered frost-free site.
CARE Water regularly through the growing period. Mist with a water spray in hot weather to help with flower and pod set. Harvest in 8-10 weeks from germination.
CONTENTS : 25g seeds

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