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Radicchio - seed

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Early-cropping red-leaf variety of this fashionable salad leaf. Also delicious cooked - it's how the Dutch, Italians and French enjoy it! High in folic acid and anthocyanins, low in carbs, it's a healthy and colourful addition to any diet however you choose to eat it.


Cichorium endivia - radicchio, red endive, chicory, red witlof
DESCRIPTION: Round red heads of wrinkled leaves with a fresh pleasantly bitter flavour. Eat raw in salad or cooked.
SOWING: Sow in pots or trays Autumn through to Spring. Lightly cover seed to 5mm. Keep moist through germination and while growing. Plant out when seedlings are large enough to handle.
CARE: Water and feed regularly through the growing period - little and often for a milder flavour. Cover almost-ready heads with a garden pot to increase leaf colour in the last couple of weeks. Harvest in 10 weeks from sowing. If there is no frost, plants can often be cut above ground level and will grow a second crop on the roots, like a cut-and-come-again lettuce.












 30cm  30cm  5mm  n/a  10-12 weeks



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