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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. How Fast Will My Tubestock Plants Grow?

    How Fast Will My Tubestock Plants Grow?
    Wise gardeners know that buying tubestock is the smart choice. It just takes a little patience. In just a couple of months, our low-cost tubestock will have caught up to pricier plants. Take a look at our customer photos!
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  2. Which Camellia is Best For You?

    camellia bush in flower
    Camellias make lovely container and tub plants, as well as handsome evergreen hedges. They're long-lived and free-flowering, and some are even scented!
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  3. Butterfly-Friendly Gardening

    hypolimnas native butterfly
    Butterflies are one of the magical transformations of nature - how does a crawling caterpillar become a shimmering floating pollinator? Encourage butterflies to your garden and help their numbers increase, with the plants you choose
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