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Plant The Look - Design Inspo

  1. Pashing on Purple

    Pashing on Purple
    This week, like the late lamented Prince himself, we're Pashing on Purple. You'll discover some of our favourite amethyst-berry-grape-lavender-lilac-magenta-mauve-plum-violet-and-wine-coloured flowering plants. Which one is your favourite?
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  2. Which Plants Are Best For Daisy Flowers?

    Best daisy-flowered plants
    Everyone loves daisy flowers. They are the first flowers we draw when we are learning to hold a crayon - a round yellow centre, a loop of petals, a long green stem. Here we look at some of the daisy's relatives, to give you the classic look on a bigger scale.
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  3. Plant The Look - Winter Colour

    Winter Colour
    We dashed out between rainshowers to take photos of all these flowers, in our own nursery, on one day in July - to show you what you could be enjoying in your own garden in the midst of winter. We even caught a tiny butterfly sunning its wings!
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  4. Plant The Look - Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants

    Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants
    Have you been lusting over beautiful foliage plants on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? We show you how to create the look of these beauties, without breaking the bank.
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  5. Happy National Eucalypt Day

    National Eucalypt Day
    National Eucalypt Day 23 March. This week, go hug a gum - or at least thank it for the shade, shelter, and beauty it provides. There's over 850 types of Eucalypt native to Australia to choose from.
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  6. Happy St Patricks Day

    Happy St Patrick's Day
    St Patrick's Day is a great day to celebrate Irishness in all its many forms. And a big part of that is the green-ness of the country. Recreate some of that lush Irish greenery, with a smart choice of plants.
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  7. Happy Lunar New Year

    Red lanterns for Lunar New Year
    Gong Hei Fat Choy - Happy New Year of the Ox! Each of the twelve zodiac signs has its own "lucky plants" - find yours here. Plant one and see if your fortune changes : at the very least, you'll get lovely flowers - and that's pretty good luck!
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  8. Colour of the Year 2021

    Pantone colour of the year 2021
    Every year the hugely influential trend team at Pantone decide on a key colour, one that reflects leading fashion and style trends, and also one that reflects our current emotional mood. These colour trends show up in our homes, our cars, our clothes - and our gardens.
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  9. Plant The Look - Rainforest

    Plant the Look - Aussie Rainforest
    Not all holidays have to be taken abroad, and in Covid times, even getting to the Top End can be a trip too far. We show you how to create the look of a lush Aussie FNQ rainforest in your own back yard.
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  10. Plant The Look - South Africa

    Plant the Look - South Africa
    Have you always dreamt of a South African style garden? Do you wish you could be dining in Durban on dukkah-spiced boerewors right now?
    We show you how to create the look of a South African garden in your own back yard.
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