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Special Events

  1. National Tree Day

    National Tree Day
    July 31 is National Tree Day, Australia's largest community tree planting event. Join in the fun and help save the planet - one tree at a time.
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  2. International Pineapple Day

    International Pineapple  Day
    In celebration of this Fruity Festival we bring you pineapple food, pineapple history, and pineapple fun facts to enjoy!
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  3. World Green Roof Day

    World Green Roof Day
    As creative elements of garden design, green roofs really took off in the late 1970s, and they grow in popularity each year. In city centres they are an excellent way to utilise otherwise unused areas of buildings for our - and the planet's - benefit.
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  4. World Environment Day

    World Environment Day
    5 June is World Environment Day. Scientists and campaigners since the 1800s have been alerting the world to the necessity of protecting the environment for all our futures.
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  5. Vote Garden Party #1

    vote garden party in the elections
    Whichever way your political compass swings, we've got plants to show your true colours. More stylish than a pollie's face on a stick!
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  6. Plant Parents & Parent Plants

    mothers day
    Happy Mothers' Day to mums everywhere! And to everyone who helps the next generation to grow, learn, and develop.
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  7. Lest We Forget

    Lest We Forget - Anzac Day
    April 25 is Anzac Day. We look at two key plants that help us remember, commemorate, celebrate, and mourn.
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  8. Happy World Book Day

    world book day - reading in the garden
    April 23 is World Book Day. Here's some of our favourite reads that feature plants and gardens within the pages
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  9. Happy Earth Day

    International Earth Day
    April 22 is International Earth Day. Here's what that means, and how you can make a difference
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  10. Happy St Patricks Day

    Happy St Patrick's Day
    St Patrick's Day is a great day to celebrate Irishness in all its many forms. And a big part of that is the green-ness of the country. Recreate some of that lush Irish greenery, with a smart choice of plants.
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