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Which Plants Are Best

  1. The Best Plants For Wet Soils

    The best plants for wet soils
    If you live in an area where rainfall records get smashed; or your land has a low-lying spot by a creek; or there's a patch of lawn that always seems to have a persistent puddle or two after a storm - here's our three-step help for your garden
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  2. Which Banksia is Best For You?

    banksia bush in flower
    Banksias are popular Australian garden plants - they're tough, able to thrive in difficult locations; birds and mammals love the sweet nectar; and they always have flowers or cones to enjoy.
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  3. Which Plants Are Best Lawn Alternatives?

    Which Plants Are Best Lawn Alternatives?
    There’s heaps of lovely lawn alternatives to give you a lush green carpet in your backyard for gentle walking, sitting, relaxing, and snoozing on. They need less looking after, and will look good all year round. Here's some of our favourites
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  4. Your Favourite Natives

    Celebrating Your Favourite Natives
    To mark Australia Day, we asked all the readers of our newsletter to vote for their favourite native plant. We got heaps of responses, and some surprising and unusual plants nominated.... Did your favourite plant win?
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  5. Checklist For Choosing Plants

    Checklist For Choosing Plants
    It can be confusing to choose the right plants for your garden, especially with the huge choice we have! Follow our helpful choosing checklist, and you'll give your new plants the best chance of growing well and happy.
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  6. The Best Fast-Growing Hedges

    The best fast-growing hedges
    The fastest-growing screening plants for quick hedges of all kinds. If you want a speedy way to block out the neighbours, here are our recommendations for hedges in a hurry.
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  7. Which Cordyline is Best For You?

    Which Cordyline is Best For You?

    Cordylines are very popular plants for all kinds of gardens, to add bright vibrant colour and an instant feeling of tropical climates. They are also very happy growing in pots, indoors or outside

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  8. The Best Skinny Hedges For Small Spaces

    The Best Skinny Hedges For Small Spaces
    If you've only got a narrow space to plant a hedge, or you want a hedge that will go up rather than out, these are the best skinny hedges for small spaces.
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  9. The Best Fast-Growing Climbers

    The best fast-growing climbers
    The fastest-growing screening plants are not hedges, they're climbers. If you want a really speedy solution to cover an eyesore, block out the neighbours, create almost-instant shade - then climbers are your perfect plants.
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  10. Which Plants Are Best For Daisy Flowers?

    Best daisy-flowered plants
    Everyone loves daisy flowers. They are the first flowers we draw when we are learning to hold a crayon - a round yellow centre, a loop of petals, a long green stem. Here we look at some of the daisy's relatives, to give you the classic look on a bigger scale.
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