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  1. The Best Skinny Hedges For Small Spaces

    The Best Skinny Hedges For Small Spaces
    If you've only got a narrow space to plant a hedge, or you want a hedge that will go up rather than out, these are the best skinny hedges for small spaces.
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  2. The Best Fast-Growing Climbers

    The best fast-growing climbers
    The fastest-growing screening plants are not hedges, they're climbers. If you want a really speedy solution to cover an eyesore, block out the neighbours, create almost-instant shade - then climbers are your perfect plants.
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  3. Which Plants Are Best For Daisy Flowers?

    Best daisy-flowered plants
    Everyone loves daisy flowers. They are the first flowers we draw when we are learning to hold a crayon - a round yellow centre, a loop of petals, a long green stem. Here we look at some of the daisy's relatives, to give you the classic look on a bigger scale.
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  4. The Best Native Small Trees For Small Gardens

    The best native small trees for small gardens
    Many of us live in urban or suburban streets, where outdoor space is at a premium. Which native trees will fit into these tight spots? We've selected some of our favourite native small trees to squeeze into your garden, however small the space.
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  5. The Best Small Trees For Small Gardens

    The best small trees for small gardens
    Many of us live in towns and cities, where outdoor space is tight. These man-made locations are the very places that need trees the most, to bring cooling shade. Which trees will are small enough to fit? We've selected some of our favourite small trees to suit the space.
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  6. Plant The Look - Winter Colour

    Winter Colour
    We dashed out between rainshowers to take photos of all these flowers, in our own nursery, on one day in July - to show you what you could be enjoying in your own garden in the midst of winter. We even caught a tiny butterfly sunning its wings!
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  7. Plant The Look - Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants

    Instagram-Worthy Indoor Plants
    Have you been lusting over beautiful foliage plants on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? We show you how to create the look of these beauties, without breaking the bank.
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  8. Which Camellia is Best For You?

    camellia bush in flower
    Camellias make lovely container and tub plants, as well as handsome evergreen hedges. They're long-lived and free-flowering, and some are even scented!
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  9. Which Plants Are Best for Autumn Colour?

    Which Plants Are Best for Autumn Colour?
    Our favourite deciduous trees and shrubs to give you autumn colour as the days cool and the nights lengthen. And for more tropical climates, our recommendations for evergreen plants with coloured leaves, for that toasty spice-coloured feeling.
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  10. Our Favourite Natives

    Celebrating Our Favourite Natives
    To mark Australia Day, we asked some of the team here at Australian Plants Online to share some of their favourite native plants. Are any of our favourites, your favourites too?
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