We're not surprised agapanthus were a favourite with the jury! Agapanthus are excellent garden plants, free flowering and fantastic in tough situations - and they are also very happy in tubs and containers.

In fact some experts say that the restriction of their roots in the pots helps to encourage them to flower more. We find that even our little tubestock will flower in their pots in the nursery!

Agapanthus are available in all shades of blue from inky purple-black through summer sky and baby blue to pure white. Here's our favourites:


If you're looking for the tallest agapanthus to give you height and drama in your flowering borders - or to make very impressive container plants - these are the one we recommend.

Dark dramatic Agapanthus Black Magic has deep purple clusters of hanging bells, tall and elegant.

Purple Cloud is just as elegant with deep blue-purple rounded flowerheads on long stems.

The classic agapanthus, Blue is sturdy, clear sky blue, and seed-grown for subtle variation in colour.

White is Blue's counterpart, tall, clean, classy and lovely against a green hedge.



These agapanthus will stay neat and tiny, ideal for windowboxes, patios, front-of-border planting and the smallest of spaces.
The ideal companion to Queen Mum, compact Silver Baby shades from a blue petal tip to a white centre. Doesn't mind humidity either, great for coastal gardens.

Tiny and perky, Agapanthus Peter Pan is a little cutie, with subtly striped pale blue blooms.

Arctic Star is a cold-tolerant variety, very early to flower, and fast growing. Taller than the previous two, but neat and elegant with attractive foliage.

Repeat flowering through the year in rich purple, Ozbreed's Sugar Plum™ is always a favourite when we have it in stock.



Agapanthus are resilient and tough, surviving in less-than-optimal garden conditions. Which can mean they get a bit rambunctious when times are good. These varieties won't take over your garden, as they set very little viable seed.

Snowball is neat and compact, with big rounded white flowerheads for its size, ideal for mass planting.

If you can't decide between white or blue agapanthus, why not both? The towering Queen Mum shades from deep blue at the centre to white petal tips, for a very pretty effect.



Getty White is a "good doer", neat and compact with pure white blooms and slender habit

Queen Anne fits in the space between those tall back-of-border varieties and the dwarf potted agapanthus, with knee-high purple-blue blooms. Much more resilient than its pretty looks would suggest.

Ozbreed's Bingo Blue™ flowers off and on throughout the year in warmer gardens, with surprise bursts of rich colour. This variety will flower while still a very young plant, so you won't have to wait long for those blooms.