Cotyledon Pixie Beans – succulent

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Clusters of cute 'n chubby little beans, each with a slender stripe of deep red, like they're wearing lipstick to a plant party.

As the plant grows it'll send out stems in all directions, sometimes with flowers at the tips. Easy care and drought tolerant.

Cotyledon papillaris 'Pixie Beans'

DESCRIPTION: Small trailing succulent with fat round blue-green leaves, each tipped with light red edges. Variable in form, some are more blue-green, some are more lemon-green, some are moer compact and some are more trailing.
USE IN: Great for rockeries, pots and indoors in bright light. Hardy and very drought tolerant once established.
LOCATION: Plant in free-draining gritty soil in bright sunlight. Very happy in rocky sandy soils and exposed locations.
CARE: Water sparingly when the soil is dry to touch, and reduce watering in winter when temperatures drop. Feed in the growing seasons with slow release food for container plants.
HEIGHT & WIDTH:  5cm H x up to 20 cm W
YOUR PLANTS: These are tubestock plants with a healthy young root system and will establish quickly in your garden. The pot size is 80 mm x 42 mm wide. Your plants may be supplied as 'plugs', slightly smaller than our usual tubestock but with a healthy root system ready for planting or potting on.

In Stock in 4-6 weeks