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Lettuce Cos - seed

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The classic lettuce for caesar salads, Cos has big pale green crunchy leaves, and is a heat-tolerant lettuce which won't bolt as fast as others.

Lettuce 'Cos' - seed

DESCRIPTION: Large heat-tolerant crunchy variety,
PLANTING: Sow seeds late winter through to autumn. Sow in a full sun location into seed raising mix or direct & thin to 2-3 plants at approx 5cm in height.
USE IN: Harvest fresh leaves as required taking care to use the oldest leaves first. Avoid picking the leaves in the heat of the day as they can tend to wilt, early morning is best.
CARE: Lettuce needs planty of water, low moisture will yield bitter leaves. Water regularly and you'll be rewarded with loads of lush leaves. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil and apply liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks for best results. 












15-30cm W 15-20 cm 3mm  6-10 days  8-10 weeks

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