Coriander - seed

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Passionate about creating authentic Thai and Indian cuisine? Coriander is a key ingredient in curries & Vietnamese salads, try adding it along with fresh chilli to herb butter for a tasty potato topper

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Coriandrum sativum - coriander

DESCRIPTION: Annual herb with large pungent flat leaves and a loose habit. Nothing goes to waste as almost the entire plant is edible, leaves stems, seeds and the root.
PLANTING: Sow from spring to late summer and winter in warmer locations. Sow seeds into seed raising mix or direct & thin to 2-3 plants at approx 5cm in height. A full sun-partly shaded location is ideal.
USE IN: Add the leaves just before serving to create authentic thai and indian style dishes. Leaves may be addedto olive oil and frozen in ice cube trays for later use. If growing for the seeds, full sun will produce the best results. Harvest when seeds have matured and gently dry roast before grinding and adding to curries.
CARE: For best results and to avoid the plants bolting provide plenty of water, you'll be rewarded with loads of lush leaves. Mulch plants to retain moisture in the soil. Boost new growth by applying liquid fertiliser monthly. 










60cm H x 30cm W

 20 cm

5mm  7-10 days


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